“ Two-Tone Diamond Necklace. ”

金具部分はk10 goldを使用。




A necklace made from a mix of rare blue and black diamond raw chip beads.

The metal fittings are made of k10 gold.

Blue diamonds get their blue-green hue from being heated to high temperatures of about 5,000°C.

It is the hardest gemstone on earth, and its hardness gives it the meaning of "forming a strong bond."

It is said that the "a" in the Greek word adamazein or adamas, which means "unconquerable, stronger than anything," was dropped to become diamond.

One ancient theory is that the strong shine of diamonds drives away the evil eye and protects the wearer from disaster, and there is also a culture of wearing diamonds without cutting them, believing that this preserves their magical power.

和名 : 「金剛石(こんごうせき)」
意味 : 「無敵」「征服されない」

material : blue diamond, black diamond, k10gold
size : 全長50cm
price : 26,800円(税込)