“ Japanese Wolf ” Forging Coin Necklace.

日本でも古くから神の使いや山の神として崇められてきたニホンオオカミをモチーフにスターリングシルバー × 真鍮で製作したコインペンダントネックレス。

狼に込められた意味(シンボル) :
安産, 母性, 愛情深さ, 命の原点
忠誠心, 五穀豊穣, 思いやり,
開拓者, 先駆者, 成功, 勝利


A coin pendant necklace made of sterling silver and brass with the motif of the Japanese wolf, which has been worshiped as a messenger of gods and mountain gods in Japan since ancient times.

The meaning (symbol) of the wolf:
Easy delivery, motherhood, affection, origin of life
loyalty, bountiful harvest, compassion,
Pioneer Pioneer Success Victory

Emerald stone (meaning, effect)
"Good Luck" "Happiness" "Couple Love" "Stability" "Hope"
Also known as the "stone of love," the power of love is very strong, and it is believed to bring success in love, growth as a person, wisdom and perseverance.

material : sterling silver(sv925) × brass(Japanese Wolf) emerald(eye)
chain : カットアズキチェーン全長50cm

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